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Joyetech eGo AIO E-cigarette

Joyetech released their latest device Joyetech ego AIO 1500 mAh.This is an awesome device with everything you need for vaping in one package! Joyetech ego AIO quick start kit is the first All-In-One Subohm kit! It features 2ml juice capacity, 1500mah battery capacity, anti-leaking atomizer design, childproof lock, adjustable airflow and 7 changeable built-in lights. It is simple and convenient in use, but fashionable in look of several mixed colors and indicator light of seven colors. Its simplicity and efficiency make the device quite popular and unique.

Nicorex is Joyetech official distrbutor and when you buy a Joyetech product from Nicorex you can be sure that it is original and covered with official guarantee.

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- Innovative Leakage Proof Technology
- First Childproof Tank Lock System
- Eliquid Illumintaion LED with Seven Changeable Colors
- 2ml e-Juice Capacity
- 1500 mAh Battery Capacity(0.2C standard diacharging)
- Adjustable airflow

1 * eGo AIO Battery
2 * BF SS316-0.6ohm
1 * eGo AIO Mouthpiece
1 * USB Cable
1 * Warranty Car

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* The useful life of all batteries is 300 charging cycles. This means that charging for even 5 minutes counts for one charging cycle. To ensure complete charging cycles we recommend using the battery until empty and only then charging. Further, we recommend that you always use two batteries to enjoy complete convenience of use: while one battery is in use, the other is being charged.

* It takes approximately 3 hours to charge a 1500 mAh battery using the 220V USB adapter!