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From 01.07.2019 it is not allowed by Estonian law, to buy and sell e-cigarette products via e-shop.

Which e-liquid should I choose?

If you are reading this article, we assume that you are about to place an order. Are you a new customer without specific preferences or you don't know which e-liquid to choose, or maybe you are asking yourself why you should choose Nicorex e-liquids?  Don't worry, we'll try to give you a brief overview.

Let's start with the advantages of Nicorex e-liquids compared to many other producers:

  • Nicorex e-liquids are free from ethanol which causes an unpleasant, scratchy feeling in the throat. In premium liquids, ethanol has been replaced with distilled water which makes the product even better and purer, and brings out the taste. For lungs it is much like spending time in a steam sauna which, as we know, is good for human health. Now imagine spending time in an ethanol sauna - everyone can draw their own conclusions.
  • Nicorex e-liquids have a high degree of purity and come with a certificate of quality. Obviously, cheaper prices offered by various sellers pose an incentive, but keep in mind that many low cost liquids are mixed from substances which may have an unknown origin and are produced as cheaply as possible. We would consider such sellers similar to distributors of illegal alcohol. Self-made liquids normally fail to meet any standards and pose a health risk.
  • Nicorex e-liquids use natural flavours.
  • The above three very important properties of Nicorex e-liquids enable you to enjoy large puffs and better taste.   
  • Last but not least: an attribute you might not notice - the fine-tipped nozzle of e-liquid bottles. This advantage of this fine tip is immediately noticeable for certain atomizers which have a very small filling port. Large-tipped nozzles are messy

Back to choosing e-liquids: if you have smoked before, the safest choice would be Mboro. This liquid resembles the taste of regular cigarettes the most and helps to substitute smoking them. 
However, if you have smoked cigarettes with menthol, the Menthol liquid is probably the most familiar taste for you.

Once you have tried these flavours you can continue to experiment with the following:

  • French pipe: aromatic flavour of pipe tobacco which is ideal for e-cigarettes. An pleasant interlude for the friends of tobacco liquids.
  • Virginia tobacco: very strong scent of freshly roasted tobacco, mildly sour, ideal for people who look for a more intense taste.

If the preferences of current customers seem to be a better guideline, take a look at the TOP 5:

  • Mboro: resembles the taste of the well-known cigarette brand; a completely transparent liquid. It is suitable for mixing with all other flavours.
  • Menthol: adds the scent of fresh menthol to vaping - strongly resembling the taste of traditional menthol cigarettes. Menthol alleviates the coarseness of tobacco smoke.
  • Black currant: slightly sweet and with a very refreshing flavour. Ideal for people who are not very fond of the taste of traditional tobacco.
  • Apple: the e-cigarette liquid with a taste of green and red ripe apples is refreshing for any vaper.
  • Mojito: distinctly genuine taste of Mojito-white rum,lime,peppermint. Very refreshing and enjoyable. Good for daily vaping and a fresher alternative to the traditional menthol-flavoured liquid.

The taste of the remaining e-liquids in the Nicorex range is identifiable by their designation.

If you consider ordering, we recommend considering various sets like "20", "4+2" or "3".

  • „Set of 20 liquids“: this set is designed for bulk buyers who are willing to buy more and hence save more. Liquids in this set cost EUR 5 per piece.
  • „Set of 4+2“: for the cost of e-liquids you get a bonus of two free atomizers/coils. Atomizers/coils are consumables which should be replaced regularly to enjoy the best vaping experience. For example, the average life of the eGo Sigma atomizer is two bottles of liquid - after that, the coil starts to burn out. This process entails a burnt taste and the darkening of the liquid. BVC coils need to be replaced less frequently as their useful life is normally 3-4 bottles of liquid. BVC coils do not yield a burnt taste and the liquid does not become brown - however, the amount of vapour and the intensity of taste change.
  • „Set of 3 liquids“: this is a standard discount available when buying multiple products at a time. If the customer chooses this option, we can assume that he/she has atomizers/coils left from previous purchases. As mentioned above, the BVC coil lasts for 3-4 bottles.

If you found these guidelines useful and feel ready to place an order, click here: https://www.nicorex.eu/e-liquids/