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From 01.07.2019 it is not allowed by Estonian law, to buy and sell e-cigarette products via e-shop.


We are pleased to announce that in cooperation with Ministry of Snus, the manufacturer of ACE SuperWhite nicotine pouches, a very exciting project has been launched in Estonia for the first time, with which you can also contribute to nature protection and be an example to everyone.

I will tell you everything, but first:

The arrival of tobacco-free SNUS, or nicotine pouches, in Estonia has brought another less harmful alternative to smoking. In essence, from day one, it has become a very popular means of meeting nicotine needs, without tobacco and without the 4,000 other chemicals contained in a regular cigarette.

Inevitably, however, this lead to a considerable amount of plastic waste.

Plastic is not biodegradable. Throwing it in ordinary rubbish, or worse, just throwing it away, is very bad for the nature around us. Fortunately, there are already many organizations in the world and in Estonia that offer new opportunities for plastic recycling.

We saw this problem surfacing in our own field also.

This prompted us and our partners to come up with a new and exciting project, the most important part of which is YOU!

How does it work?

Very easily! Most people are already familiar with this procedure.

The ACE can sold in Veipland has a special mark on it during this project. This means that the deposit value of a box with such a special mark is 50 cents, and if you return it to our store, you will get 50 cents back for the can!

Thanks to you and everyone else who takes part in this project and brings the empty cans with special marks back to us, we can send them to a special plastic recycling site and all together contribute to the preservation of nature and the environment!

If together we have gone to a less harmful alternative and quit smoking, why not take one step towards preserving our environment!

Recycled plastic can be reused many times and in very interesting places - for example, there are even sidewalks built of plastic granules in Tallinn!

Recycled plastic can also be used to make new nicotine pouch cans, pallets, sewer pipes, trash cans and much more!


Let's set an example elsewhere too!

Unfortunately, in the street picture you can see the same with used nicotine pouches as with cigarette butts (fortunately not on such a large scale).

They are thrown on the ground.

Although the nicotine pouch is biodegradable and largely composed only of cellulose, this does not justify its disposal.

Let's do better together and set an example!

Let's also pay attention to consumption habits when using SNUS.

Don't throw the pouch on the ground! If you are not near the trashcan at the moment, there is a place in the nicotine pouch box where you can put used pillows. Later, however, they can all be emptied together in the right place and our streets will remain clean!


With your help, we will create a better home.

With this project, together with your help, we want to create a norm for the return of an empty can, so that in the future the return of the can would be a normal part of the consumption process for everyone, and it would be done without an incentive pledge.

All in all, the most important thing is that we are all responsible together and do not pollute our nature and the environment - so that plastic finds its way to recycling, where it gets a new life.

Share this message, because this reality of the future is only possible with the cooperation of all of us!

Products with the special sticker will be sold in Veipland stores until 30.11.2020 and the money will be returned on all boxes with a special sticker. After that, the collection will continue and they will be sent to the circular economy.