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Price 9.70

NICOREX ELEMENT e-liquid is specially designed to bring you the same taste and aroma you are accustomed to by using Nicorex and SKYsmoke e-liquids.

NICOREX ELEMENT VG/PG is 70/30, which makes the e-liquid a bit milder, produces more vapour and will suit every e-cigarette type!

Combining NICOREX ELEMENT and Nicorex/SKYsmoke aromas is made very easy! It has a detachable tip and a printed guide line to get the best flavour that has been with Nicorex and SKYsmoke e-liquids.

Check the pictures for instructions!
1. Remove the tip from NICOREX ELEMENT bottle
2. Add Nicorex/SKYsmoke aroma to the NICOREX ELEMENT bottle, until the printed line.
3. Put back the tip and shake for 30 seconds. Your flavoured e-liquid is done!

When choosing your preferred nicotine level, use the nicotine level pictured in the right box. For Example: 6mg->4mg means that the NICOREX ELEMENT e-liquid is 6mg nicotine level, but after combining it with a Nicorex/SKYsmoke aroma, your ready e-liquid will have 4mg nicotine level.

Price 9.70