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From 01.07.2019 it is not allowed by Estonian law, to buy and sell e-cigarette products via e-shop.

"Nicorex Premium"

Loyalty price 9.99

The cigarette-flavoured e-liquid in the Nicorex range is the optimal long-awaited alternative for people who have just quit smoking. Vaping this liquid leaves a specific taste in your mouth - like you would have put out your cigarette a moment ago.
Hence, this e-liquid helps to quit the bad habit of smoking without giving up the traditional cigarette taste. For former smokers, the cigarette taste is one reason why it is more difficult to get used to the tastes offered by cleaner e-cigarettes and why they tend to revert to regular smokes in order to experience the "familiar" flavour.
Now, there is a solution - cigarette-flavoured e-liquid. An ideal flavour for setting "limits", this liquid frees you from the desire to light a smoke!
* If the flavour of the e-liquid feels overly dominant, mix it with a "sweeter/lighter" flavour.


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