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В связи с изменениями в Законе о табаке, начиная с 1.07.2019 запрещена продажа э-сигарет и э-жидкостей через интернет-магазины.

ACE Superwhite Cool Mint SNUS

Цена лояльности 5.10

New level for tobacco-free SNUS!

We are proud to present new and innovative tobacco-free nicotine pouches!

Ace Superwhite incorporates a new recipe, where in addition to cellulose, textile fibers and xylitol have been added. 
This new recipe brings a lot of advantages over regular nicopods.

* Better nicotine absorption
* More flavor
* Twice the shelf life (1 year)

A product for the future made with transparency and sincerity. Ace provides the familiar experience of traditional chewbag products, only completely tobacco free. You get the same powerful flavour and strong nicotine kick in a new, ultra-clean universe.

>> ACE Superwhite Cool Mint A controlled flavour explosion of cooling mint combined with strong peppermint for a cool rush when you need it. An ultra clean and powerful sensation - stimulating, activating, uplifting and completely tobacco free.


Крепость в подушечке 8 мг

Крепость 16 мг/г

Масса подушечки 0,5 г

Никотиновые подушечки в коробке 20 шт.

Масса коробки 10 г


Nicorex Baltic OÜ is the official importer and distributor of Ace Superwhite products in Estonia.

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