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About us


SKYsmoke is the fastest growing e-cigarette manufacturer in the world! Our innovative approach, the concept and the products have made us a trusted partner, serving high praise from our customers all over the world. Today you can buy kysmoke products from leading e-cigarettes online stores, with the delivery to more than 200 different countries, and through SKYsmoke official dealers and partners from Estonia, England, Russia, the United States, EU countries etc.

In 2012 SKYsmoke will open a new and unique virtual e-commerce system (.com), and in addition will open a large number of retail offices in different countries all over the world. One of the SKYsmoke team’s goal is to proceed from a product centered production-company to a client-driven service company, to be the best partner.
That will create a customer relationship which has value to both sides. The creation of a personal relationship as such firstly needed to bring products to everyday consumers and enter the retail market in each country, in collaboration with the local leaders. In cooperation with local partners, retail sale will be formed up in a way, that all customer’s needs depending on the specific region, wishes and requirements will be paid attention to. In the republic of Estonia, Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries, the sole representative of local SKYsmoke brand is the undisputed leader ELGERY GROUP LTD.

Ideology of SKYsmoke

Looking the world through a tobacco manufacturers perspective, its population can be divided into two broad categories – the non-smokers and the smokers. Currently, 1.1 billion people are in the last group. Smoking as an activity is a persons free choice, but we believe that it should not disturb other people. Passive smoking has harmful effects on bystanders, especially children and pets. The main advantages of the electronic cigarette SKYsmoke is the opportunity to avoid passive smoking, because e-smoking has features that are reminiscent of smoking, taking a vaporized nicotine (or nicotine-free), propylene glycol, and glycol, vegetable essentials into the consumer body without the traditional combustion. To ensure the high quality taste experience, SKYsmoke always uses production stocks originating from natural sources for the e-liquid. SKYsmoke products are a great solution for smokers, because they can enjoy smoking without endangering bystanders and relatives and keep people from passive smoking.

SKYsmoke has a wide range of products for every taste:

  • Disposable e-cigarettes are designed for emergency situations (represented mostly in hotels, restaurants, ships)
  • Economic class of simple products addressed to new e-cigarette users (hyper/ supermarkets and retail stores)
  • Exclusive starter kits for a more demanding customer (agency stores, casinos, boutiques)

SKYsmoke actively supports the smoking ban in public places, offering an alternative that would ensure the preservation of the rights of smokers as well as non-smokers

SKYsmoke – a Certified Trademark

All SKYsmoke brand products are certified and produced in factories that conforming to the highest EU standards. All new products undergo strict testing. Products are always acquired with free circulation marking within the EU (CE, SGS, MSDS, RoHS, etc.) to prove this fact.