In cooperation with the internationally renowned Italian handicraft manufacturer Officine SVAPO Milan, we offer you a range of lizard skin accessories for e-cigarettes, made by the capable hands of the best craftsmen in Milan to fit the bestselling products of SKYsmoke! Lizard skin, just as snakeskin, is a timeless, durable and always fashionable design material, which has only become more valuable and popular over the years! The Italian designers and craftsmen have only used high-quality unique lizard skin, which is popular for its quality and durability throughout the world. The bright and wide colour selection of South-American lizard skins, carefully selected for the SKYsmoke product line, is sure to satisfy the needs of the most demanding client! The patented lock-on system and endurable consumer-friendly material selection make your SKYsmoke e-cigarette a unique and elegant product that is used by world-famous artists and athletes! SKYsmoke is proud to announce that since the winter of 2013, we are an official partner of OFFICINE SVAPO and can now offer high-quality and unique SVAPO accessories also to our clients.
NB! The leather products used in production are delivered directly from a lizard farm and all skins are checked and certified!